Filling a market hole at The New Solar Steps

Fitzgerald accepts the progression cell fits well in the current hole of the sun powered PV market, between the very high-productivity and low-proficiency modern applications. Furthermore as volume expansions in this market hole, the assembling expenses should be driven down much further over the long run.

This undertaking started as one of nine Masdar Institute-MIT Flagship Research Projects, which are high-potential tasks including personnel and understudies from the two colleges. The MIT and Masdar Institute Cooperative Program assisted send off the Masdar With establishing in 2007. Research joint efforts between the two establishments address worldwide energy and manageability issues, and look to foster innovative work abilities in Abu Dhabi.

“This exploration project features the important job that examination and global joint effort plays in fostering a financially pertinent innovation based development, and it is an ideal exhibition of how an exploration thought can change into an enterprising reality,” says Nayfeh.

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